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Elite junior level hockey players need families willing to share their homes and become a “home away from home.”  These are talented players who show great potential to play at the college level and beyond. 

Do you live a reasonable distance from the Ice Vault and are you willing to share?

  • Families receive a monthly billeting stipend for each player
  • Families can host 1 player or more.  Some have found it easier to house two players as they can travel together and are company for each other.   There have been instances where families have welcomed 3 or even 4 players at a time.
  • Host families have included traditional 2-parent families, single-parent families and “empty nesters” too.
  • The commitment is for the hockey season only.  Most players go home for holidays and holiday breaks.
  • Families need to provide a room of his own, or can share with a teammate, that includes a bed, dresser, closet space and a desk or table and chair.
  • Families need to provide the players with meals: a basic breakfast, a lunch and an evening meal.  When players are on the road, they take care of their own food expenses.
  • Players will obey all house rules, show respect and consideration and take care of their own belongings.

Willing to host?  Many families hosted for dozens of players from many states and countries throughout the years.

Please complete the following form if you are willing to billet a player or want additional information.

Host Family Inquiry

Please complete the following form if you are interested in becoming a host family.

Kelly Cusato

Billet Coordinator

Billeting Questionnaires

The following two forms are designed to assist us in finding the best possible match for our players with our host families. We ask that both the player and the parents complete the appropriate form below.

Billeting Forms

Billet Family Stories