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Bond Sports Registration

Thank you for being a part of the Jersey Hitmen family!

Bond Sports has many tools to assist families, players and coaches. To make the best use of these tools, we need your help to ensure we are using the correct information.

When you register for any of our events (such as tryouts) we ask you to create a Bond Sports profile for each child. The information you provide will be added to the profile so that subsequent registrations will use that information. This includes Name, Date of Birth, etc.

We ask that Parents/Guardians completing applications for any child use the parent's login and select an existing profile within your Family or Add a Family Member.  A Parent should not be registered for any program.

  1. Visit our Bond Sports web site.
  2. Click SIGNUP in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your information in the Signup to Bond Sports dialog.
  1. Once your account is created, you can add members to your family. Click the link on the left navigation for My Family.
  1. To add your children to your family, simply click the Add a Family Member button. You will use these family members on all registrations as needed.
  1. You can edit your “Family Name” by clicking the edit button on this page.
  2.  Our preference is to use the child’s legal name.


Team Registration

To register a Team or Organization for one of our events, please follow these instructions.

Registration Instructions

New to Bond?

Create a new account for your organization using the following format:

  • First Name: Org
  • Last Name: Team Name (Ex: Jersey Hitmen)
  • E-mail Address: Use the e-mail address for the person who is responsible for registering teams for this event.

Please do not put your own name as the person registering.

Signup to Bond Sports

Once you have created your "Parent" account, you can add the individual teams as "child" accounts. Click the link on the left navigation for My Family.

Click "Add a Family Member" to add new individual teams.

  • First Name: Level (Ex: 18U American Blue)
  • Last Name: Team Name (Ex: Jersey Hitmen)

Click "Edit" to edit existing teams or rename the "Family".

You can also add individual teams on the registration page.

Edit Family - Team