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Rules Allowing Spectators in Attendance at the Ice Vault

By Ice Vault Staff, 02/15/21, 8:45PM EST


  1. Starting Friday February 19, 2021 we will allow 1 Parent per player to attend House League, Bandits and Hitmen Games
  2. This does not include any High School Varsity or JV Games which will will have separate guidelines pertinent to high schools only.
  3. All House League, Bandits and Hitmen players and their opponents will be fully dressed before entering the facility. They will be permitted to put only their skates on in the rink they are playing on.
  4. Absolutely NO BAGS of any kind, small or large, or backpacks will be allowed into the facility with House League, Bandits and Hitmen players and their opponents. Only exception to this is goaltenders.
  5. Any parent who is attending a game, must be accompanied into the rink along with their child who is playing. No additional siblings will be allowed in the rink area. Parents cannot come in unattended to the rink area, in order for us to keep track of the numbers.
  6. Parents who are attending along with their child will sign in at the front table that will be at the entrance to the rink.
  7. Everyone in attendance must wear a mask at all times.
  8. Every parent inside the rink area, must practice social distancing from one another. There can be no group of unrelated people in the rink area.
  9. Goaltenders will be allowed into the building 20 minutes prior to the game. All other skaters including their parent will come in fully dressed 10 minutes prior to game start.
  10. No streaming of games will be allowed anywhere in the facility by any individual. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave.
  11. House League, Bandits and Hitmen coaches and or managers, will be required to send these protocols to all opponents that will come to play them. They will be required to get a return confirmation that these protocols have been read and accepted by the opposing team’s coach or manager and the confirmation that they have been given out to their team members.
  12. Parents or others in attendance can also view games from the restaurant area that has an addition 70 seats as well as the upstairs bar which has 35 seats available. The numbers will not be counted against those wishing to attend inside of the rink that they are playing on.