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Everest Schneider

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5 · F

William Fortescue

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17 · D

Jason Atkinson

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29 · F

Rory Maurer

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43 · F

Thomas McCarren

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54 · F

Sean Vlasich

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59 · D

John Werber

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60 · G

Dennis Layden

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61 · D

Cameron Holbrook

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62 · G

Jake Marszalek

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63 · F

Robert V Greenleaf

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64 · F

Arthur Tsimerman

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65 · F

Chad Schneider

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67 · D

Keith Goldberg

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68 · F

Oscar Worob

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71 · F

Aiden Grieco

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72 · F

Matthew Zdanowicz

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73 · F

Aydan Humphrey

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74 · D

Brock Fizer

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Jake Antonucci

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Connor Sedlak

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81 · F

Bill Thompson

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AC ·

Anthony Yelovich

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HC ·

Anthony Yelovich

Head Coach, 14U Minor (2020 - 2021)

Anthony Yelovich was born in Clifton, NJ and grew up playing youth hockey for various travel teams in North Jersey. Playing at Clifton High School he led the state in scoring in 2006 with 99pts and was two-time North Jersey Player of the Year.  Shortly after Yelovich left to play for Gunnery Prep and then the New England Jr. Falcons of the USPHL.

Yelovich received a D-1 scholarship to Sacred Heart University, where he played all four years, made it to the Atlantic Hockey finals in 2008 and double majored in Economics and Finance. Following his college career, Anthony pursued professional hockey ambitions overseas where he played a season for Medvescak Zagreb in the Austrian EBEL.

As a coach Yelovich is currently giving back his knowledge to New Jersey hockey youth by coaching at the 18U level. A former Glen Rock High School coach with previous stops at the NJ Devils Youth and Nutley HS. His initial year with Glen Rock High School he led the Panthers for the first time in school history to the Bergen County Final and a #1 ranking for all NJ public schools. The 2017 High School season ended with the Panthers winning a Public B State Championship. The Star Ledger as well as New Jersey Hockey Advantage named him 2017 Coach of the Year.

“Player development is not limited to the ice, teams and players that I am involved with will learn how to relate that game and its ups and downs to life. We are interested in developing men, hockey is our tool in doing so.” – Anthony Yelovich

Coaching History

  • Hitmen 14U Minor (2020 - 2021) - Head Coach
  • Hitmen 18U (2019 - 2020) - Head Coach